This lifetime is a significant decision point for many of us here on Earth, the most significant since we were in Egypt three thousand years ago. There are eight such decision points through the course of a twenty-six thousand year cycle of axial precession that persons mindful of Solar faith work with the greater community to actualize. I'm told that more serious decisions are made through the course of time, but this life has been a most amazing event for me.

Christianity and Śaivism (our Holy Spirit's faith) are both Mercurial amongst the faiths of mundane or static Earth. Neither Venus nor Mercury have moons, and so migrants from those two planets who want to work justice with a certain level of dimensional security either choose to make Earth their home for a while, or they live on the Sun, which is able to create its own justice (lunar) level dimension. Earth has a type of virtual reality many of us call Genesis or Axis Mundi, where we assist Earth's sanctification of its own moon.

All four of the inner planets are more sexual than chemical, but Earth emphasizes marital sexuality, Venus protects a more intimate union, and Mercury sanctifies the realities of alter ego (which includes unisex identification). So Christianity teaches us to respect our soulful twins, our other selves or aspects of self. In connection with solar plexus, heart, and throat, our alter egos are same sex, but at the level of third eye the soul twin is sexually opposite.

Many levels of Mercurial faith are found here: Blue Öyster Cult (known esoterically as the Grey Knights of Titan) are the planetary level mentors on the ritualistic side of Earth; Christianity (I retired at midlife, where actor Matt Damon is now primary Christ) works mentoring at the Solar level; Bono of U2 mentors salvation at the galactic level while Australian actor Wayne Pygram is the galactic ascension mentor. This list goes on and on, with Donnie Van Zant of 38 Special being the ritualistic ascension leader and actor Gary Busey the joyful ascension leader amongst our Mercurial wizards.

The trick I'm wrestling with mostly these days is the question of how to protect the feelings and psychological interests (including conscience) of those persons whom I've been told are my own alter egos. A Christly person like myself would, if maintaining status quo, already have integrity at the level of solar plexus. Where, for instance, St. Peter (truest Islamic authority) and Abraham (truest Jewish authority) are solar plexus level alter egos to one another, the Christ integrally includes both Islamic and Jewish aspects of self.

In addition to that, once in a thousand years his qualitative self (Brahmā) reintegrates with his quantitative self (Christ). During my incarnations as Akhenaten and Jesus, this was the case; there was a lesser known but similar incarnation one thousand years ago, and then in this lifetime again I have said level of integrity. It is during these reintegrations that the Christ is recognized as Logos, with Sophia as his partner.

Modern day mythology acknowledges the Christ and his role with ascension through the story of Gandalf the Grey who becomes Gandalf the White. Where he as Logos bears fiery Narya the elven Ring of Power, his throat level alter ego is Elrond who bears airy Vilya, and his feminine alter ego (Sophia) at the level of third eye is Galadriel who wears the third elven Ring, watery Nenya. Elven life is connected with the throat (Logos and Sophia in their disintegrate states each represent a vital aspect of language), so the story is enlivening to the three of us at this stage of ascension pathworking.

My friend Sam Welker (Elrond) and I seem to have good communication with one another as throat level alter egos, but I have concerns where opposite sex is concerned. I have no reason to doubt the understanding nature of femininity, though I do have limited sense of how to make a woman feel safe. Heather Michelle Shepherd is the woman to please in my life; I might be such a mythology addict that I would think of her from afar as Sophia, Galadriel, or even as the Forgotten Realms' lunar goddess Selûne, but she is a real-world woman that I am challenged to reach in my efforts to become a more responsible and loving person.


last updated Aug 26th, 2015