The protection of a woman's feelings includes both the effort to make her feel loved in our more intimate and direct dealings with each other as well as the care we take to reference the rest of the world, where fidelities and responsibilities are concerned. Because our ascension pathway begins at the zero level of salvation (borderline sanity, we could say), much of my own work in this lifetime has been the struggle to “save” or liberate myself from those relationships that were too disrespectful. A brief attempt at sharing formal love with Heather was very enlightening to me, because it gave me an honest vision of my own level of worthiness apart from those ties to other people that I had yet at that time to transcend.

My worth at present is minimal, practically still zero, but gradually finding its focus of healing. I am more optimistic about our next lifetime, but I have plenty of work for now just furthering my own sense of truth. That ability to give the woman what she wants could take me many lifetimes and beyond, but it is the essence of relativity and so is my permanent pursuit.

As for the rest of the world, I am even more challenged by the details of complex community. I have some visions of what life would be like in a better realm than ours presently is, and am trying to imagine what it means to spend the next three or more thousand years living up to that “Heaven.” I do tend to trust my perspective; it is often the only gift I have down here. But the designs I see let me know that I have plenty of busy work to address.

Here is the real core of my fidelity issue: where my alter egos and I are still at some social and temporal distance from each other, I am acquiring information beyond what I'll be able to actualize soon. It seems to be an Earthly norm that one marriage is given one lifetime, and that as polyamorous as many of us might be, we responsibly schedule other relationships for other lifetimes. I have found two feminine alter egos and have been inspired to attempt communications with both of them, but I wish to be honest and to protect fidelity where it has potential existance.

Heather Michelle Shepherd is the first woman I would pursue were I strong enough to give her the practical love she deserves. However, our social skills are developing more slowly than our learning processes are, and so I imagine we both have information about what our lives would be beyond what our relationship is. It is my belief that as angels we would typically deal with that information in a respectful and truthful way, keeping love in its temporal place, one long-lasting marriage after another, but down here many of us suffer mortality and all the deception and irresponsibility that goes with it.

Actress Vera Farmiga is the second woman I have grown to believe is a feminine alter ego of mine. I have so far dealt with that information secretively, figuring it to be a story I could realize at some stage later on, but as the details of my own struggles in life complicate, I recognize it to be a truth that I should at least put on the table lest I be taken for a sneak. I will never see my relationship with Heather as being an appropriate place for deceit nor falsity, and I will never wish to leave her irresponsibly to seek any other person nor any other goal. So how do I reckon with these visions that appear to me?

Working with Solar faith as I do, the perspective by which to plan three thousand years of ascension is normal. I take Heather to be of more Earthly mind than I am, and so while her vision might would challenge mine about the degree and type of detail, I'm sure her comfort with the truths of sexual mingling prove equality between us where opportunity is concerned. In examining types of life, I find that the male usually prefers simplicity (monogamy) while the female likes to dance.

If I can stay honest about the fact that when, in some life along the way, Heather wishes to be with another man than me, I would enjoy using that time to pursue Vera, though more importantly I prefer to stay focused on my efforts to become and keep as emphasis my being Heather's satisfying partner, then I might have safety and reason in sexual fidelity. I did write a polite letter to Vera letting her know of my interests and intentions. As a celebrity entertainer, she may or may not notice my communication, but I wish to keep my interests on the table. That way no one close to me need ever feel cheated nor deceived.